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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trading in a Life of Ease for Life of Stress.....Not really though!i

Well it is that time of year again, Baseball Season is gearing up, and even though it is different for us this year because Cale will still be rehabbing for a little bit of Spring Training, it is still here mentally! Just thinking about leaving our comfort zone again, our home, which is almost finished with painting and what not. Its hard t think about rather or not I will get to go with Cale this year, and it makes me sad to think I might have to be here alone with Vayda for a while. But at the end of the day, I know, I signed up for this, literally, that being my marriage certificate!! But I wouldn't trade it for anything because I am married to the greatest man ever. I look up to his hard work ethic and how is will stop at nothing to obtain his life long dream and goals. No matter what goes on at the end of the day he can say he truly chased a dream, and wasn't just some fan on the side lines. It is a very far reached dream that few accomplish but just the simple fact that he and all the other ones out there got drafted is a lot more than anyone else can say. People do not give these guys enough credit and criticize far to much, and for you that do that, I got a nice finger to send your way, lol I would never but I would definitely think about it! :)

The stress that goes into a season is huge on a guy but is probably, maybe a little equal being the other half, especially with a kid!! You have to find a place to live, pack EVERYTHING and then some, then set a good budget to pay for things in two different locations, and deal with being the strong back bone for 6 straight months, while managing to hold yourself together and your life. And no for those who say that is "bitching" (excuse the french but that is the only word that fits) and moaning, well it isn't. I commend any woman who has the strength for this life, whether it's a girlfriend, fiance and definitely women with their babies and definitely those in the minor leagues!! Life is tough when at one moment your here and you have one night to pack up and move somewhere else, but oh the sweetness it will be when it all pays off right?  Bless you girls!! I am excited for all of the girls to be here and to be with them during the next 6 months  (hopefully). Its great to have friends outside of baseball but those friends will never understand and never know what goes on in your life or even come close to understanding the stress and the crazy roller coaster ride. I hope this year offers up success to each and everyone of my friends and their other half! I think this year should be a year for everyone to come together and to make it a fun year for one another and to just be there for each other to cry, to laugh and to share baby memories. We could all be ripped apart at the drop of a hat and go to different places in the blink of an eye, literally....sooooo here is to a great 2012 Season, and here is to everyone reaching their goals (both girls and guys). Love to all and love to all of my friends old, new and the ones I have yet to meet! Every girl I know has such great qualities and y'all are all so different, so thank you for being you!!!! Mucho Love!!!

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