Vayda's Birthday Countdown

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year and New Things

With the crazy, fun holidays behind us, it is good to look back and reflect on the blessings of life! This was Vayda's second Christmas but definitely the best! she played and opened presents, something that really makes your heart melt. I m not sure if anyone could love something more than a child!! I know many people who just do not even have a clue about what a baby does for your life and want to put it off but let me tell ya , you are truly missing out! Knowing you helped to create this beautiful miracle and that you were able to bring her into this world is something that is definitely, unfathomable!! I am grateful to be married, to have my life complete....I hope the world catches back on to the marriage trend again!!! Life is going fast, I thought when I got married it started going fast but now Vayda is a year and a half, and it blows my mind, and we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary! So message to everyone out there, stop wasting your life, find your someone, settle down and have a little family because life goes way to fast to board the train late! :)

I know this year has something magical in store for us, not sure what or where or when, but I just have a feeling! It will be exciting to see what is in store for the little Iorg family! I am looking forward to baseball, Cale's full recovery (which he is already a full month ahead of schedule) and seeing some really good friends! It is always neat to see how friends pan out in life, those who you thought were your best friends end up not being, and those who you least expect to even meet in life become your best friends! Life is full of strange adventures in Baseball and I love that I have made some of my closest friends through it! These girls are some of the most strongest, independent, courageous and truest people I have met! I am excited to see Vayda turn 2 this year! I fill like it will be such a transition, she will be so grown up to me because she already seems that way! I love her independent nature and how she is not afraid to explore! Like I have said before, my daughter is my world. I don't know what I would do without her and my best friend, my husband!

Eating breakfast at the highest point in AL

First train ride!!

She would much rather have a box for Christmas!

Apple of my eye!

First movie and Imax!!

Rednecking it!

Absolutely beautiful!


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