Vayda's Birthday Countdown

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am baddddd.....

Right after Daddys game in GA

Lousiville Bat Museum
Mothers Day!

OK I have been SO bad lately about keeping up with this life blog, but I have been so consumed in life! So I said that I will catch us up to the "now" and I will do that now! Allllllllll in one post! SO I told yall about Cale and I last time but now on to our beautiful baby! We have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.......did I say beautiful?!?!?! daughter named Vayda Lynn Iorg! She will be a year August 11! I am so depressed and cry every time I think about her birthday! Cale and I were going to wait until we had been married over a year to get pregnant butttttt sometimes things work out differently! And for that I am extremely thankful! Cale and I had been married for 9 months, and he was playing winter ball in Arizona, and after being told that it takes a normal, healthy female about 3-6 months to conceive and sometimes even a year we thought we were golden and that it would happen after our one year anniversary Feb 6th......butttttt it only took 3 weeks, lol. So somethings went really really really right! :) So I only like the state of AZ for one reason and that's because I got pregnant there, I mean unless you like dry, hot, tumble weeds, scorpions, cactus and no grass/ water! But anywho, so we were in Double A, Erie PA last season, where we had Vayda! I have never been more scared or nervous to do something in my whole life. I just did not understand how she was going to come out of the tiniest space ever, I know lots of info there, but it is true! It never made sense to me how it was going to happen until it did! We were actually induced for a whole day, the day after her due date, but no Vayda stuck her nose in the air and said " I don't think so!" so we went back home and then Wed. August 11 Vayda decided it was her time! So 3 days late she came! I just remember Cale being "all up in there" involved during the delivery, but ya know I didn't care at all....he loved watching and if you ask him he will say " I basically delivered her myself," so we will just let him think that! LOL Vayda came out with a head full of black curly hair! She had and still has the best color, she was blessed with my olive Native American skin color! I had never seen a more beautiful face in my life! It is something that no parent can ever describe, you have to have your own baby to understand the love and emotions you feel when you first see them and hold them. It is so overwhelming. I don't even  remember what I use to do now with my time because it is fully consumed by Vayda. I am SOSOSO blessed to be able to stay at home with her! She makes life so complete and perfect! When Cale is on the road with baseball I have my very special little friend to keep me company and she sure does that! So far Vayda has lived in Erie, Pa....Toledo OH....Tampa, FL (her permanent home for now) Surprise, AZ....and back to Toledo, OH! She is well traveled in her first year of life! So Vayda will be 1 in 2 weeks, so so so excited but so sad, because now we start counting the years! Vayda is a ball of fun, she has her father's personality and is just a hoot, but she will sure show you her temper if you mess with her! That will come in handy when she gets older, bc unfortunately Vayda is going to be beautiful, just like her daddy, and there will be many boys perusing so Vayda needs to start her toughness now! Poor ole Cale, he is gonna turn gray SO fast! I love watching him be a daddy, he is precious and loves Vayda so much! She doesn't know how good she has it to have a Father like him! I can't wait to watch Cale grow into a "DAD" when she starts school and starts her own little life. Cale and Vayda are my everything! I love them so so so much! I have loved Cale since I was 18 years old and my love for him grows more every day. I watch him on the baseball field and sometimes I feel like a little girl all giddy and think wow that Hotty on the field belongs to me?? WHAT?? How did I get so blessed?!?!?! And then I look at Vayda and think, WOW I was so blessed to have such a healthy baby! I mean nothing wrong with her at all, just a bunch of perfectness! So now you are caught up!

So on to this crazy baseball life. It is a big ball of stress, it goes up and down and doesn't stop. It is literally a roller coaster ride, but I wouldn't trade this life for any other! Lately Cale, who ONLY plays short stop and is THE BEST in the whole league, has been put at second, third and even out field (gasp/ heart attack) but just proved more and more to people what an A+, incredible athlete he is because he has dominated every position, how many people can really excel at positions they have never played in their entire life? Ummmmm Not many! But that is why he is the bestest! Still makes me nervous though!!! Cale is such an amazing ball player to watch, he always does something eye catching and I love it but it is still stressful to watch though! Baseball goes into so many different things, mental, emotional and physical. And on the wife is allllllllll emotional !!!!That is why I laugh when groupie girls or other people say they want this life, NO you don't only a rare breed of woman can handle it, and the girls that come around you wouldn't last a second, sooooooooo back down sista's!!!!! lol........It is very emotional too. Because you have to be the strong one when you husband is down or struggling. It can weigh heavily some times too. Some days I just have to let out a good cry and then I am good again! Ohhhh if Vayda could talk she would tell some people that Mommy said a bad word today, hahaha. But moving past the negative, baseball life and baseball marriage is so much fun, new places and new faces always and I love meeting new people and making friends. I have some friends through baseball who have turned into my very best friends, and I talk to them daily! You need people who live this life to be close to you because NO ONE else could ever understand this way of life! It is just impossible! Anyways hope you got caught up, it is time to watch Backyardagains with Vayda! Love to all!
Vayda"s first game, she was about 14 days old!

Recently family pic in Milwaukee, for the All Star Break

Cale's first Father's Day, 2011!!!! Told you she has his looks! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More updating.....

So my first, maybe, 4 post will be to catch you up to the now! Then it will be basically a blog about "life little steps" in well , you guessed it.... LIFE! Ya know being married to a professional athlete, raising a baby in the baseball lifestyle and our marriage! 

So about Cale. Besides the fact that my husband is beautiful, smart, talented.....did I say sexy?!?! haha Well I could go on forever about Cale but most importantly, he is extremely devoted to our faith and living his life accordingly! I have never met, even until this very day, a man quite like Cale. When I first met him, I will admit it was totally his looks but after about an hour of talking and dancing, I was smitten by him. Cale lives his life every day devoted to our beliefs. He does not drink, smoke, go to bars....anything along those lines. I think that is pretty amazing, especially in these days. It is VERY rare!!! Cale grew up in the Mormon faith , so to him this was the usual way of life. He was supposed to be drafted in the First Round out of high school with the Twins, which if you know anything you know that is freaking awesome. But told them quickly he was going on a mission, so they passed on him, then the Rays were going to sign him and let him play one year of Pro Ball then let him go on his mission then return back to them. I mean who could refuse that offer?? Wellllllllll Luckily Cale did! Because that is what led him to the great state of Alabama! He chose to go on a full ride to The University of Alabama which is where his One True Love was waiting to meet him....... ME!!! I will never forget that is when facebook started and I use to receive these funny loves notes, pretty late at night, and was like "who in the heck is this guy?!?!?!" Well as soon as I saw him face to face at a baseball party, that was it for me!! I told my Mom I had met the man I was going to marry, and even still have the diary where I wrote it from 2005. Pretty neat huh??? But anyways back to filling you in on us! So Cale was the first Mormon I had ever met, at first I really didn't pay to much attention because my focus was on dating him, but then when  he told me he would be leaving on a two year mission, then my curiosity really set in. I loved everything he told me about his faith. I loved the idea of having an "eternal family" one day and being sealed forever, while thinking Ahhhh please choose ME! lol But I had to do searching for myself, It is definitely something you have to do for yourself, because it is a way of life and not just a religion that you have on Sunday. I had missionaries twice and then Cale was able to baptize me in the off season of 2008 and the same week we were engaged. It was amazing and I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for that special day in college when I would meet the man that would forever change my life! God truly knows what and who we need in life and he leads you to the right person you just have to be aware of it! Sooooo..... remember that! I feel and see so many blessing every day by choosing my way of life. We are so blessed to have the marriage that we do, I honestly think our marriage is perfect. We laugh ALL the time, we joke, we play and we love like there is no tomorrow. Fights....well maybe tiny ones, but because we are both ridiculous we cannot help but start laughing and then everything is back to normal, happy-go-lucky! Our daughter is our WORLD! She is full of awesomeness! Vayda is beautiful, she looks like her daddy of course, and she is just truly an angel sent to us from Heaven above! 
Soooooo.... Cale got drafted on his mission, at the end of it, and is a short stop in the Detroit Tigers organization! We are in Triple A (last step until the majors) and he was placed on the 40 man big league roster this off season, which is fantastic! So hopefully it all works out for him, I would love nothing more than to see his dreams come true, even if it is just for one day, just to know he accomplished his child hood dream would be a privilege to see. I mean who wouldn't want to accomplish what the little 8 year old inside of you wanted? Mine said a nurse and country music little Kristin sure got let down, hahahaha
So that is kind of updating ya, next we will do Vayda and being prego all last season and then the big move only a week after she was born.....then we will start with baseball life! For all of you baseball girl groupies, trust me it isn't that glamorous, your much better off hanging out at the bars and getting you a lawyer or doctor, because they make the money, there is NO money in the minor leagues, repeat NONE!
Have a good night y'all!!!
Kristin Iorg

My handsome Bama Boy! #16

My baptism!! Oct 25 2008

They actually let him miss two games to come see me graduate!

Right after her proposed....he snuck me into Alabama's baseball field to make me think we
were just messing around, but went to the short stop position,
and BAM popped the question!!!!

Literally right before he proposed, I had NO clue what so eva!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well here we GO.......

Yay for Graduating from Alabama!! 
In St. Lucia for honeymoon!

Horsebacking in St Lucia

So this is my first post! I am SUPER DUPER excited to be writing to y'all about our amazing life!
Let me update ya! My husband Cale Iorg and I met our freshman year at The University of Alabama (2005) and from the moment he layed eyes on me, wait sorry from the moment I laid eyes on him, lol, it was in all honesty LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! I mean seriously! But Cale, who grew up LDS, left to go on a mission for our church, which would have been our sophomore year of college, and therefore I was dumped and left alone....boohoooooooooooooo. But it is okay, it was something he has always wanted to do his whole life, and it has truly made him the man he is today. He left a boy and done came back a Real Man! :)
But I say Cale grew up LDS because he did and I didn't. He was actually the first "Mormon" I had ever met or heard of, and what a sexy one he was! :) But from the first time I hung out with him there was just an amazing aura surrounding him and immediately roped me in. He was and still is my "perfect angel." I just loved that he was SO different, a breathe of pure fresh air, that I desperately needed in my life. I had finally attracted a normal, cute, nice, respectable guy and that was something that I loved so much! I grew up Baptist, which my family still is, but now I have converted to LDS. Well I did back in 2008 on October 25th and Cale baptized me (which was absolutely amazing) and we were actually engaged on October 22nd 2008. So needless to say it was a GREAT/PERFECT week in my life! We were married on February 6th 2009 and sealed in the Orlando Temple 2010, and found out we were "with child" December of 2009, so a crazy 2 1/2 years we have had! Our daughters name is Vayda Lynn Iorg, she was born August 11, 2010. This means she is almost ONE, and I cry everytime I think about it! She is perfect in every way and she is attempting to maybe, sort of start walking!! She might be the most beautiful little girl I have seen, but that is just me! Cale plays baseball for the Detroit Tigers, he is a short stop and we are currently in Toledo OH to play for the Mudhens which is the Triple A affiliate for the Tigers. Cale was put on the 40 Man Roster this past off season!! (for those who are baseball illiterate you can google what all of this means!)  :) We live in Tampa when baseball is done but then we pack up and move our lives to a new location, which is currently OH.
My family lives in AL, from Wedowee, the tiniest town on earth! We grew up on beautiful lake Wedowee, my parents still live there. My siblings are Brent (and daughter Blakelee), Chase and Leah. I have a wonderful family, I love them so very much, we are always all over the place but in a good way. My parents have been married for over 35 years I believe, my Dad is a dentist and Mom runs the shop!
Cale's family lives in Knoxville, TN. His two brothers Eli and Isaac live there with their beautiful wives and one child Bailee! His sister Jessica lives in FL with her husband and 3 little boys (almost 4)!!! Cale's family is wonderful too!!!! His father Garth, who played ball with the Blue Jays for 10 years, is now the first base coach with the Brewers, and I believe they have been married for over 35 years too! We are both blessed with great families!
So this is really just an intro to say HELLO!! Maybe next post will be about Cale's mission and my conversion because we always get asked these questions first! SOOOOOOO I will go ahead and get it all out there for ya!
Honeymooning in St. Lucia
Making my way down the isle!

Our wedding!
Our sealing day! LDS Orlando Temple Feb 6th 2010
Prego Picture (5 1/2 months)

Sweet, beautiful, precious baby Vayda!!! (about 24 hours old)