Vayda's Birthday Countdown

Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Years Going on Eternity!

So a week ago my husband and I celebrated our wonderful 3 years of marriage! It has gone by so fast, and by fast I mean I blinked my eyes and we are hear 3 years later with a baby! And I will blink again and it will be 6 years. Cale surprised me with a short little cruise to the Bahamas. He was like a little kid when he told me, this was his first cruise and he couldn't wait to take me, but secretly he was just excited about all of the food! It was my first time EVER to be away from, Vayda, I have not left her side since she was born, and it was definitely hard to leave her. But everything went perfect! Cale and I stayed up till 2/3 am dancing almost every night and just having a blast being with one another, alone! It was wonderful to get all fancied up and wear heels just because! It is nice for everyone to have a little break and just spend time alone, especially with baseball coming up and the constant distance between us. I am fortunate enough to have had that week all alone with Cale! I am beyond blessed to be married to such a morally driven man, and someone who holds his love for Christ first and foremost in his life, because that love truly influences his love for Me and Vayda. I am so in love with Cale and I know that love will only grow stronger each and every day from here on out! I don't give him enough credit, but Cale babe your the apple of my eye and the only one who makes this heart beat! :)   Thank you Cale for who you are and what kind of man you are to me and the Father you are to Vayda! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

In Nassau, Bahamas!                             

Greatest night ever, we danced all night and had the best time!!

Happy Anniversary Night! I wore the same dress to our rehearsal dinner 3 years ago!!!

Sailing away!!

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