Vayda's Birthday Countdown

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello strangersssss

Wow super long since I have blogged and since I am alone, well with my 2 year old beautiful little girl, I should have been blogging a lot more! But great news is we are finally out of FL and bought a home in beautiful Georgia! So so so happy and thankful  to have a home to grow and raise a family in, anddddd a big back yard! Cale and I both grew up with land and we wanted our children to be able to run free too! The home is lovely! Such charm and also leaves things for us to make our own, which is something we definitely wanted! So update : Cale started playing the end of June, so he really hasn't been playing that long but it seems like that since we have been apart since the beginning of June. Vayda and I moved up while Cale rehabbed in FL and closed on the home and he went up to Toledo! SO about 6 weeks he has been playing, but due to a full team he only gets to play a few days a week, but oh well, you get what you can get right?!? I am beyond proud of Cales journey coming back, most guys it takes a year or longer, but not Cale, he is a super hero, in more ways than one. He has more than taken care of my and Vayda, and given us a beautiful home! Gosh I love him so so so so so much. I thank God for perfect timing and love at first sight, because that is what led us to where we are today! And yes it was love at first sight... for both of us! I added this song on here because "I Wont Give Up" has really taken my heart today. Cale and I have gone through what seems the worst year for luck ever, one bad things after another.....and no I am not complaining just stating the facts. And then my transmission goes out in my car...........the straw broke this camels back then. It has been quite the snowball affect! But today I put Jason Mrazs' song on repeat and just cried and was so happy while listening to it because it is truly beautiful, and so meaningful. I guess you (I) always think that since your marriage is so perfect and so is your baby that life should be too, but life decided to slap me across the face a little and tell me that is always cant be perfect. God puts us through some trials to make us become more like him and more aware of our strength. 10 years ago I had no strength, I was weak and anyone could have pushed me over. It wasn't until I lived and went through some really tough times that I got my strength, and even though I hated those times I still do not think I would change them because today I am who I am, and I am pretty content with that fact! I think we get to caught up in the idea that we are owed all of these blessings, but that could not be further from the truth. We have to try hard every day. That has been hard for me to learn this year, is that it can't always go good even I am living my life right. But at the end of the day, I have a wonderful marriage, husband and baby girl, and a new home! I think that is about as sweet as life gets right there! Well and maybe seeing my husband in his sexy ball uniform, lol. I added the little song, dont judge its crappiness!!!

Vayda turned 2 August how time flies! I turned 26 and I cannot believe that! Vayda is stunningly beautiful, she is the perfect mixture between Cale and I, and it bouncing off the walls with energy! She talks all the time and is learning things every day. What a true miracle having a healthy baby is? Such a huge blessing to have Vayda in my life right now. Without her I would have gone crazy, but when there is a bad day I just look at her and I am all smiles. Watching her interact and move around is magical. She brings such a peace to me and our home. We have missed Cale this whole season but just know how amazing it will be when he returns home. Lord I thank thee for my family and for giving us the love that we share!!


best pic everrrrrrrr

We got to watch Cale play in Louisville KY

finally a church day together!

my big 2 year old!!!!


I am one lucky gal, love this boy to the moon and back

clearly she loves cake haha

absolutely perfect

my little lake buddy, she LOVES the

Friday, February 17, 2012

3 Years Going on Eternity!

So a week ago my husband and I celebrated our wonderful 3 years of marriage! It has gone by so fast, and by fast I mean I blinked my eyes and we are hear 3 years later with a baby! And I will blink again and it will be 6 years. Cale surprised me with a short little cruise to the Bahamas. He was like a little kid when he told me, this was his first cruise and he couldn't wait to take me, but secretly he was just excited about all of the food! It was my first time EVER to be away from, Vayda, I have not left her side since she was born, and it was definitely hard to leave her. But everything went perfect! Cale and I stayed up till 2/3 am dancing almost every night and just having a blast being with one another, alone! It was wonderful to get all fancied up and wear heels just because! It is nice for everyone to have a little break and just spend time alone, especially with baseball coming up and the constant distance between us. I am fortunate enough to have had that week all alone with Cale! I am beyond blessed to be married to such a morally driven man, and someone who holds his love for Christ first and foremost in his life, because that love truly influences his love for Me and Vayda. I am so in love with Cale and I know that love will only grow stronger each and every day from here on out! I don't give him enough credit, but Cale babe your the apple of my eye and the only one who makes this heart beat! :)   Thank you Cale for who you are and what kind of man you are to me and the Father you are to Vayda! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

In Nassau, Bahamas!                             

Greatest night ever, we danced all night and had the best time!!

Happy Anniversary Night! I wore the same dress to our rehearsal dinner 3 years ago!!!

Sailing away!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trading in a Life of Ease for Life of Stress.....Not really though!i

Well it is that time of year again, Baseball Season is gearing up, and even though it is different for us this year because Cale will still be rehabbing for a little bit of Spring Training, it is still here mentally! Just thinking about leaving our comfort zone again, our home, which is almost finished with painting and what not. Its hard t think about rather or not I will get to go with Cale this year, and it makes me sad to think I might have to be here alone with Vayda for a while. But at the end of the day, I know, I signed up for this, literally, that being my marriage certificate!! But I wouldn't trade it for anything because I am married to the greatest man ever. I look up to his hard work ethic and how is will stop at nothing to obtain his life long dream and goals. No matter what goes on at the end of the day he can say he truly chased a dream, and wasn't just some fan on the side lines. It is a very far reached dream that few accomplish but just the simple fact that he and all the other ones out there got drafted is a lot more than anyone else can say. People do not give these guys enough credit and criticize far to much, and for you that do that, I got a nice finger to send your way, lol I would never but I would definitely think about it! :)

The stress that goes into a season is huge on a guy but is probably, maybe a little equal being the other half, especially with a kid!! You have to find a place to live, pack EVERYTHING and then some, then set a good budget to pay for things in two different locations, and deal with being the strong back bone for 6 straight months, while managing to hold yourself together and your life. And no for those who say that is "bitching" (excuse the french but that is the only word that fits) and moaning, well it isn't. I commend any woman who has the strength for this life, whether it's a girlfriend, fiance and definitely women with their babies and definitely those in the minor leagues!! Life is tough when at one moment your here and you have one night to pack up and move somewhere else, but oh the sweetness it will be when it all pays off right?  Bless you girls!! I am excited for all of the girls to be here and to be with them during the next 6 months  (hopefully). Its great to have friends outside of baseball but those friends will never understand and never know what goes on in your life or even come close to understanding the stress and the crazy roller coaster ride. I hope this year offers up success to each and everyone of my friends and their other half! I think this year should be a year for everyone to come together and to make it a fun year for one another and to just be there for each other to cry, to laugh and to share baby memories. We could all be ripped apart at the drop of a hat and go to different places in the blink of an eye, literally....sooooo here is to a great 2012 Season, and here is to everyone reaching their goals (both girls and guys). Love to all and love to all of my friends old, new and the ones I have yet to meet! Every girl I know has such great qualities and y'all are all so different, so thank you for being you!!!! Mucho Love!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year and New Things

With the crazy, fun holidays behind us, it is good to look back and reflect on the blessings of life! This was Vayda's second Christmas but definitely the best! she played and opened presents, something that really makes your heart melt. I m not sure if anyone could love something more than a child!! I know many people who just do not even have a clue about what a baby does for your life and want to put it off but let me tell ya , you are truly missing out! Knowing you helped to create this beautiful miracle and that you were able to bring her into this world is something that is definitely, unfathomable!! I am grateful to be married, to have my life complete....I hope the world catches back on to the marriage trend again!!! Life is going fast, I thought when I got married it started going fast but now Vayda is a year and a half, and it blows my mind, and we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary! So message to everyone out there, stop wasting your life, find your someone, settle down and have a little family because life goes way to fast to board the train late! :)

I know this year has something magical in store for us, not sure what or where or when, but I just have a feeling! It will be exciting to see what is in store for the little Iorg family! I am looking forward to baseball, Cale's full recovery (which he is already a full month ahead of schedule) and seeing some really good friends! It is always neat to see how friends pan out in life, those who you thought were your best friends end up not being, and those who you least expect to even meet in life become your best friends! Life is full of strange adventures in Baseball and I love that I have made some of my closest friends through it! These girls are some of the most strongest, independent, courageous and truest people I have met! I am excited to see Vayda turn 2 this year! I fill like it will be such a transition, she will be so grown up to me because she already seems that way! I love her independent nature and how she is not afraid to explore! Like I have said before, my daughter is my world. I don't know what I would do without her and my best friend, my husband!

Eating breakfast at the highest point in AL

First train ride!!

She would much rather have a box for Christmas!

Apple of my eye!

First movie and Imax!!

Rednecking it!

Absolutely beautiful!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Little Change of Pace and Realization of the MOST important things in Life!

With the off season here, well like 3 months ago, it is nice to be at home in FL spending time with one another after about 6 weeks apart at the end of the season. Life is stressful, very stressful, but looking through pictures I am reminded why I am so blessed. I think when you go through the roller coaster ride of baseball, (don't believe the hype, it isn't as glamorous as many think, it takes a good "pair" lol to get through it some times!) and some bad things happen (injury/surgery) you learn that baseball is not the important thing in life, it is family and having a happy home! So these pictures are an update of life throughout  the off season so far!

Aabama WON the Iron Bowl!
My two most favorite people ever!

She is truly gorgeous!

The most important thing in the world, my perfect little family!

Vaydas 1st Alabama game vs. Tennessee...yea we spanked them!

Vayda and her cousin Blakelee with their Great Grandparents!

Halloween 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am baddddd.....

Right after Daddys game in GA

Lousiville Bat Museum
Mothers Day!

OK I have been SO bad lately about keeping up with this life blog, but I have been so consumed in life! So I said that I will catch us up to the "now" and I will do that now! Allllllllll in one post! SO I told yall about Cale and I last time but now on to our beautiful baby! We have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.......did I say beautiful?!?!?! daughter named Vayda Lynn Iorg! She will be a year August 11! I am so depressed and cry every time I think about her birthday! Cale and I were going to wait until we had been married over a year to get pregnant butttttt sometimes things work out differently! And for that I am extremely thankful! Cale and I had been married for 9 months, and he was playing winter ball in Arizona, and after being told that it takes a normal, healthy female about 3-6 months to conceive and sometimes even a year we thought we were golden and that it would happen after our one year anniversary Feb 6th......butttttt it only took 3 weeks, lol. So somethings went really really really right! :) So I only like the state of AZ for one reason and that's because I got pregnant there, I mean unless you like dry, hot, tumble weeds, scorpions, cactus and no grass/ water! But anywho, so we were in Double A, Erie PA last season, where we had Vayda! I have never been more scared or nervous to do something in my whole life. I just did not understand how she was going to come out of the tiniest space ever, I know lots of info there, but it is true! It never made sense to me how it was going to happen until it did! We were actually induced for a whole day, the day after her due date, but no Vayda stuck her nose in the air and said " I don't think so!" so we went back home and then Wed. August 11 Vayda decided it was her time! So 3 days late she came! I just remember Cale being "all up in there" involved during the delivery, but ya know I didn't care at all....he loved watching and if you ask him he will say " I basically delivered her myself," so we will just let him think that! LOL Vayda came out with a head full of black curly hair! She had and still has the best color, she was blessed with my olive Native American skin color! I had never seen a more beautiful face in my life! It is something that no parent can ever describe, you have to have your own baby to understand the love and emotions you feel when you first see them and hold them. It is so overwhelming. I don't even  remember what I use to do now with my time because it is fully consumed by Vayda. I am SOSOSO blessed to be able to stay at home with her! She makes life so complete and perfect! When Cale is on the road with baseball I have my very special little friend to keep me company and she sure does that! So far Vayda has lived in Erie, Pa....Toledo OH....Tampa, FL (her permanent home for now) Surprise, AZ....and back to Toledo, OH! She is well traveled in her first year of life! So Vayda will be 1 in 2 weeks, so so so excited but so sad, because now we start counting the years! Vayda is a ball of fun, she has her father's personality and is just a hoot, but she will sure show you her temper if you mess with her! That will come in handy when she gets older, bc unfortunately Vayda is going to be beautiful, just like her daddy, and there will be many boys perusing so Vayda needs to start her toughness now! Poor ole Cale, he is gonna turn gray SO fast! I love watching him be a daddy, he is precious and loves Vayda so much! She doesn't know how good she has it to have a Father like him! I can't wait to watch Cale grow into a "DAD" when she starts school and starts her own little life. Cale and Vayda are my everything! I love them so so so much! I have loved Cale since I was 18 years old and my love for him grows more every day. I watch him on the baseball field and sometimes I feel like a little girl all giddy and think wow that Hotty on the field belongs to me?? WHAT?? How did I get so blessed?!?!?! And then I look at Vayda and think, WOW I was so blessed to have such a healthy baby! I mean nothing wrong with her at all, just a bunch of perfectness! So now you are caught up!

So on to this crazy baseball life. It is a big ball of stress, it goes up and down and doesn't stop. It is literally a roller coaster ride, but I wouldn't trade this life for any other! Lately Cale, who ONLY plays short stop and is THE BEST in the whole league, has been put at second, third and even out field (gasp/ heart attack) but just proved more and more to people what an A+, incredible athlete he is because he has dominated every position, how many people can really excel at positions they have never played in their entire life? Ummmmm Not many! But that is why he is the bestest! Still makes me nervous though!!! Cale is such an amazing ball player to watch, he always does something eye catching and I love it but it is still stressful to watch though! Baseball goes into so many different things, mental, emotional and physical. And on the wife is allllllllll emotional !!!!That is why I laugh when groupie girls or other people say they want this life, NO you don't only a rare breed of woman can handle it, and the girls that come around you wouldn't last a second, sooooooooo back down sista's!!!!! lol........It is very emotional too. Because you have to be the strong one when you husband is down or struggling. It can weigh heavily some times too. Some days I just have to let out a good cry and then I am good again! Ohhhh if Vayda could talk she would tell some people that Mommy said a bad word today, hahaha. But moving past the negative, baseball life and baseball marriage is so much fun, new places and new faces always and I love meeting new people and making friends. I have some friends through baseball who have turned into my very best friends, and I talk to them daily! You need people who live this life to be close to you because NO ONE else could ever understand this way of life! It is just impossible! Anyways hope you got caught up, it is time to watch Backyardagains with Vayda! Love to all!
Vayda"s first game, she was about 14 days old!

Recently family pic in Milwaukee, for the All Star Break

Cale's first Father's Day, 2011!!!! Told you she has his looks! :)