Vayda's Birthday Countdown

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well here we GO.......

Yay for Graduating from Alabama!! 
In St. Lucia for honeymoon!

Horsebacking in St Lucia

So this is my first post! I am SUPER DUPER excited to be writing to y'all about our amazing life!
Let me update ya! My husband Cale Iorg and I met our freshman year at The University of Alabama (2005) and from the moment he layed eyes on me, wait sorry from the moment I laid eyes on him, lol, it was in all honesty LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! I mean seriously! But Cale, who grew up LDS, left to go on a mission for our church, which would have been our sophomore year of college, and therefore I was dumped and left alone....boohoooooooooooooo. But it is okay, it was something he has always wanted to do his whole life, and it has truly made him the man he is today. He left a boy and done came back a Real Man! :)
But I say Cale grew up LDS because he did and I didn't. He was actually the first "Mormon" I had ever met or heard of, and what a sexy one he was! :) But from the first time I hung out with him there was just an amazing aura surrounding him and immediately roped me in. He was and still is my "perfect angel." I just loved that he was SO different, a breathe of pure fresh air, that I desperately needed in my life. I had finally attracted a normal, cute, nice, respectable guy and that was something that I loved so much! I grew up Baptist, which my family still is, but now I have converted to LDS. Well I did back in 2008 on October 25th and Cale baptized me (which was absolutely amazing) and we were actually engaged on October 22nd 2008. So needless to say it was a GREAT/PERFECT week in my life! We were married on February 6th 2009 and sealed in the Orlando Temple 2010, and found out we were "with child" December of 2009, so a crazy 2 1/2 years we have had! Our daughters name is Vayda Lynn Iorg, she was born August 11, 2010. This means she is almost ONE, and I cry everytime I think about it! She is perfect in every way and she is attempting to maybe, sort of start walking!! She might be the most beautiful little girl I have seen, but that is just me! Cale plays baseball for the Detroit Tigers, he is a short stop and we are currently in Toledo OH to play for the Mudhens which is the Triple A affiliate for the Tigers. Cale was put on the 40 Man Roster this past off season!! (for those who are baseball illiterate you can google what all of this means!)  :) We live in Tampa when baseball is done but then we pack up and move our lives to a new location, which is currently OH.
My family lives in AL, from Wedowee, the tiniest town on earth! We grew up on beautiful lake Wedowee, my parents still live there. My siblings are Brent (and daughter Blakelee), Chase and Leah. I have a wonderful family, I love them so very much, we are always all over the place but in a good way. My parents have been married for over 35 years I believe, my Dad is a dentist and Mom runs the shop!
Cale's family lives in Knoxville, TN. His two brothers Eli and Isaac live there with their beautiful wives and one child Bailee! His sister Jessica lives in FL with her husband and 3 little boys (almost 4)!!! Cale's family is wonderful too!!!! His father Garth, who played ball with the Blue Jays for 10 years, is now the first base coach with the Brewers, and I believe they have been married for over 35 years too! We are both blessed with great families!
So this is really just an intro to say HELLO!! Maybe next post will be about Cale's mission and my conversion because we always get asked these questions first! SOOOOOOO I will go ahead and get it all out there for ya!
Honeymooning in St. Lucia
Making my way down the isle!

Our wedding!
Our sealing day! LDS Orlando Temple Feb 6th 2010
Prego Picture (5 1/2 months)

Sweet, beautiful, precious baby Vayda!!! (about 24 hours old)


  1. Hey, is that the picture I took of Vayda in the hospital? She is such a cutie!!
    Patty Whaley

  2. I don't know either of you from anyone in the world but somehow came across your post and it was very interesting. Being LDS and a big baseball fan I can relate. It is always great to see guys be successful after their mission and to help convert and marry lovely ladies :-). Congrats to you both, keep up the good work.